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        Changchun Donglian Numerical Control Cutting Tools Co., Ltd
        Address: 1881# Da road, Changchun, Jilin
        Tel:     86-431-88638989
        Fax:    86-431-88638852

        QQ on line: 460847661   26684450
        Wangwang:donglianliulizhi    chenzhanyi2008

长春市东联数控刀具有限公司 长春东联数控刀具有限公司
All rights reserve: Chiangchun Donglian CncTools CO.,LTD
Address:The 1881th of provincial governor spring City Malaysia road in Jilin
Telephone:86-431-88638989 Fax:86-431-88638852
E_mail:    The Ji ICP keep on record medium